19" Racking

19" Racking

Reliable, High Quality Engineering

Vital power and communications networks around the globe have been brought to life with 19” racking equipment supplied by A & T Enclosures to IEC 60297-3-100.

Standard height frames are 42U or 45U but we can tailor to your specific application.

We style and produce the specialized frames and enclosures for major international organisations across a range of industries and applications. Designs include front and rear access, swing-frames, glazed doors and multi-baying configurations. Fascia plates are punched to match your mapping requirements.

A & T’s equipment plays a key role in worldwide telecommunications, data storage and power transmission and distribution – a recent order for control equipment housings was for a HVDC converter station providing power for electricity networks throughout North America with another in South Korea.

Customers involved with large-scale projects around the world rely upon the high level of quality associated with A & T products developed to their specific needs.

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Quality Assured

ISO certification is the outward evidence of a quality culture that runs throughout the business and is directly sponsored by the Managing Director

The quality of our design and build facilities allows for production of accurate component parts that are easily and efficiently assembled by & T's trained staff.

Unlike most sheet metal fabrication companies, our shop floor is maintained as a clean area to ensure a better working environment for staff and to encourage pride both in the company and in its products...

Our products have to be manufactured to comply with strict safety and performance standards, either internationally approved

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