Delivering exactly what you want with minimum effort.

A wealth of experience from our engineers most of whom have worked in the industry for many years, enables us to interpret your switchboard requirements with minimum information, saving you time, delivering exactly what you want with minimum effort.  

Expertise from ongoing testing to IEC 61439-2 allows our engineers to provide support to ensure your design will meet electrical consultants' specification.

Our switchboards are manufactured as fully welded sheet steel construction cubicles. All Forms Of Separation are covered to BS EN 61439-2 and our Design Verified busbar systems currently range from 400A to 4000A with Icw values from 30kA to 100kA. 

We have numerous Ingress Protection certificates to IEC 60529 ranging from IP31 to IP66.

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The following are typical specified items:

  • Fully welded sheet steel construction cubicles.
  • All forms of separation to BS EN 61439-2 with various cable box designs.
  • IEC 61439-2 design verified systems.
  • Front and rear access designs suitable for top or bottom entry cables.
  • Dedicated powder coating facility, fully under our control. RAL7032 Light Grey with all other RAL and BS colours available on request.
  • Ingress protection ranging from IP31 - IP66 to IEC 60529 standard.
  • All types of functional units including ACBs, MCCBs and fuse switches can be fitted and connected.
  • Thermographic screens.
  • Cable boxes.
  • Top boxes for special cable entry applications.
  • Special plinths and height adjustable sub-floor plinths.
  • Solutions for limited space including corner units and overhead busbar sections.

Quality Assured

ISO certification is the outward evidence of a quality culture that runs throughout the business and is directly sponsored by the Managing Director

The quality of our design and build facilities allows for production of accurate component parts that are easily and efficiently assembled by & T's trained staff.

Unlike most sheet metal fabrication companies, our shop floor is maintained as a clean area to ensure a better working environment for staff and to encourage pride both in the company and in its products...

Our products have to be manufactured to comply with strict safety and performance standards, either internationally approved

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BS EN 61439-2 Verification

10.2 Strength of material and parts

10.2.2 Resistance to corrosion


10.2.3 Properties of insulating materials

Verified Thermal stability

Not applicable to metallic enclosure Resistance of insulating materials to normal heat

Verified Resistance to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects


10.2.4 Resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation

Not applicable to metallic enclosure

10.2.5 lifting


10.3 Degree of protection of enclosures


10.4 Clearances and creepage distances


10.5.2 Effective continuity between the exposed conductive parts of the assembly and the protective circuit

Verified Effectiveness of the assembly for external faults


10.9 Dielectric properties:

10.9.2 Power-frequency withstand voltage


10.9.3 impulse withstand voltage

Verified Temperature rise limits 1


10.11 Short-circuit withstand strength


10.13 Mechanical operation


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