Power Generation

Power Generation & Renewable Energy Solutions

Whether it is energy generated from renewable resources, fossil fuels or man-made, A & T Enclosures are able to offer bespoke solutions to meet your demands.

We have enclosures installed in many different locations for power generation applications, including off-shore, nuclear, solar farms and hydro.

We can offer 19 inch racking enclosures with an inner swing-frame, seismic tested cabinets, outdoor switchboards, stainless steel kiosks and generator changeover panels with a fault level of 100kA/1second.

A & T is also playing an essential part in the development of the UK’s renewable energy sources, supplying enclosures for high voltage electrical power transmission to key windfarm sites around the country. 

Our electrical enclosures are tested and certified to the rigorous standards of BS EN 61439-2, ensuring the high levels of quality, safety and reliability demanded by the power generation industry.

We also have a wide range of ingress protection certification, manufacturing enclosures for some of the world’s most extreme environments and challenging climates.

Contact us for more information about Industry Solutions...

  • Electrical enclosures for arduous conditions.
  • Transformer cabinets.
  • On and offshore installations.
  • IP ratings for extreme environments.
  • Anti-corrosion finish for marine conditions.
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