A&T Enclosures Launches Powder Coating Service

With over 30 years of powder coating experience and having invested heavily in our equipment over the past 12 months, we now have the capacity to provide a high-standard powder coating service to new clients.

We can offer:

  1. Full-colour range
  2. All gloss levels
  3. Specialised online pre-treatment process
  4. Large component capability
  5. Fast turnaround
  6. Collection and delivery service available
  7. Very competitive pricing
  8. Colour matching

The process of ensuring a high-quality finish has many steps, which are often not seen by our clients, but the final product is to the highest standard with an extended life expectancy due to our unique pre-treatment plant.

This gives our clients the confidence that their customers will receive an excellent end product, which reflects on their business and helps them to secure more orders.

How we prepare the steel:

  1. Treatment using an 8,300-litre tank of demineralised water, which is treated with Adbond 201.
  2. Treatment using a 2,500-litre tank of demineralised water.
  3. Treatment using a 2,500-litre tank of demineralised water, treated with a chemical Adseal 100.
  4. 200c Drying Oven
  5. Finally, we apply the paint and stove in one of our three bespoke ovens.

Contact our sales team on 01384 212316 or by emailing sales@at-enclosures.co.uk for a quotation.

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