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Apprenticeships With A&T Enclosures

According to the Government’s latest report on apprenticeship programmes, 2.4 million apprenticeships were started in the UK during the last parliament.

Not only is this great news for young people trying to enter the workplace, it’s fast becoming the way forward for many manufacturing businesses like ours, who are facing an engineering skills gap.

Building a team

At A&T Enclosures we’ve been adding to our team over the last five years.

However, with a shortage of skills and talent available it started to become difficult, so we decided to operate an apprenticeship programme. We’ve had tremendous success with the programme, with ten apprentices now in a variation of roles within the business. In addition, we’re currently interviewing candidates for two new apprenticeship roles. The positions available are a production role and a trainee engineer.

Our apprentices attend day-release courses at local colleges coupled with in-house training, whilst also being mentored and monitored by experienced personnel.

Benefits of hiring apprentices

We see hiring apprentices as an effective way for us to grow our own talent as part of our aim to build a skilled and motivated workforce.

The Government’s report has said that “83% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to others. The average apprenticeship completer increases business productivity by £214 per week, with these gains including increased profits, lower prices and better products. Other benefits that apprenticeships contribute towards include: – improving productivity in the workplace – increasing employee satisfaction – reducing staff turnover – reducing recruitment costs.”

Chris Taylor, Operations Director, A & T Enclosures commented: “I’m extremely happy with the apprenticeship programme, which is going from strength to strength. Not a short-term option, it will take time to train all of the apprentices but we’re already seeing the benefits.”

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