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IEC 61439-2 Beware of cheaper imitations

From November 1st 2014 BS EN 60439-1 has been withdrawn and replaced by BS EN 61439-2 to become the standard for Low Voltage Power Switchgear and Controlgear Assembilies (PSC).

Is every sheet steel fabrication company for the electrical industry compliant? Probably not.

A&T Enclosures have invested in excess of £200,000 this year to give our customers peace of mind, testing to the new IEC 61439-2 standard with a variety if component manufacturers' equipment.

"We have the experience, the test documentation and have ensured that all our engineers are fully trained to have a clear understanding of the new standard enabling us to support our clients through the changes. We offer compliant enclosure systems from 30kA up to 100kA. Pus us to the test - we've already passed!" - Tim King, MD.

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