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Reflecting On A Successful 2016

As we head into the holiday season, we reflect on the past two years, where we are today and what the future holds for A&T Enclosures.

The big move

Following our successful move to our new premises in Easter 2015, we’re delighted to report that as planned, the new facility has delivered a capacity increase along with an improvement in efficiency.

In fact, the new building has proven to be a great asset, with a lot more space, better lighting and the addition of new machinery, which has further improved our turnaround time and product quality.

All of this, together with the hard work and determination of our fantastic team, means that our customers receive even better quality products with improved delivery times.

A 40% increase in sales

A&T Enclosures has seen an increase in new customers and more business from our existing customers – a 40% increase in sales since our move in premises.

Moreover, our customers rely on our engineering expertise more than ever and choose us for our CAD capability, quality, delivery time and regulatory experience.

It’s excellent news, our orders are now coming in thick and fast from both the UK and overseas including Spain and France.

Growing the industries we work with

We’ve processed our largest order to date this year, the wind farm housings – growing our product offering into the renewable energy industry. Our customer was very happy with the product, which made the challenge a huge success.

In addition, our data centre business is still increasing, with large production runs of PDUs this year and more promised for next year.

Our strict regulatory procedures are not going unnoticed either, with more customers choosing us for the confidence we instil.

Investment in people, software and hardware

We're focused on continuous improvement, and 2017 will see the installation of new software to improve production efficiency and 3D technology to increase the speed of engineering products.

In addition, we will continue to focus on our team members, providing training opportunities and attracting quality talent externally to further strengthen our business.

Finally, we will invest in hardware to increase the quality and speed of our copper work.

We're proud of the team and the business we have in place and 2017 will see this taken to even greater heights. We'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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