A&T Enclosures is proud to support women in engineering

The number of women in engineering roles has almost doubled in the last decade. Yet only 12% of engineers in the UK are female. A&T Enclosures are proud to recognise individuals based on their capabilities and potential rather than their gender. We are committed to increasing opportunities for women who wish to embark upon a career in engineering.

One such individual is Manpreet, our Engineering Apprentice. Manpreet joined A&T enclosures in August 2019 via her apprenticeship training provider, LEAN Engineering & Manufacturing academy.

Manpreet quickly hit the ground running showing us that she is extremely passionate about her chosen career path, she has become a valued and respected member of our engineering department with a real thirst for knowledge.

The commitment Manpreet has showcased throughout her time with the company was highlighted when she was awarded with our Apprentice of the year award in December 2020. She was presented with a £200 gift voucher and her name was added to the Apprentice of the year trophy. Well done Manpreet!

A&T Enclosures are an equal opportunity employer and pride themselves on selecting the very best employees the industry has to offer, we are incredibly proud of our skilled workforce and will continue to recruit based on the ability of an individual rather than their gender.

Manpreet Engineering Apprentice.jpg

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