You Need to Have Confidence in Your Enclosure Manufacturer

You need to have confidence in your manufacturer to deliver an enclosure that is designed to meet your specified requirements, of a high quality and certified.

You can rely on us, as many of our customers already do.

Our process for your confidence

1.Our process starts at the design stage, where our team of experienced and qualified engineers will work with you to ensure you receive the specification and standards you require (D.V. BSEN 61439-2, IP rating and specialised powder finishes).

Once the design stage is complete, there is one final check for compliance and errors before it is passed to our production team for manufacture. The CAD/CAM files are sent directly to our latest CNC machines, which will then produce the parts to fine tolerances, ensuring the end product is correct.

2.After the parts are made and checked for burrs, our team of experienced, skilled fabricators will then assemble the enclosures to ensure there are no blemishes or gaps, and everything is to your specification.

Before the powder coating is applied, the engineer will check the enclosure and sign it off ready for the three-stage pre-treatment, which uses the latest Nanotechnology to ensure superior paint adhesion. The powder coating is then applied to your specification and thickness using the latest electrostatic powder applicators, which ensure consistent coverage.

3.After stoving and a further inspection stage, it goes to the fitting area, where our experts do the final assembly and ensure it complies with your specification and the high standard requested.

We then package and deliver to you on our own dedicated delivery vehicles.

Please contact us by email or call us on 01384 212316 for more information on what we can do for you. We would be happy to design the costs out, which will allow us to be more competitive.

Getting it correct first time is our philosophy and is the ethos of the whole of our business.

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