Bespoke Electrical Enclosures

Engineered, fabricated, and powder coated in house. Built using the highest quality materials to the highest of standards including BS EN 61439-2, IEC 60529, IEC 60297, and ISO 9001:2015.

Large Manufacturing Facility

We have 50,000 sq ft of space solely used for our fabrication and finishing services supplying OEMs in the UK, Ireland, and the rest of the EU.

Led By Engineers

With an unrivalled level of skill and wealth of experience that our engineers possess, we're able to offer unique solutions for your enclosure.

Attention To Detail

The quality of our design and build facilities allows for production of accurate component parts that are easily and efficiently assembled by our trained staff.

Designed and Built In-House

Your bespoke enclosure is built in house from start to finish, from conception to realisation.

Precision Engineering & Fabrication

With an unparalleled attention to detail and knowledge acquired over 30 years, we're proud of the quality of our craft.

It's The A&T Difference

Although we continually invest in modern technology and equipment, it’s the skills and dedication of the A & T team that makes the difference. From the initial design, through to fabricating, painting, hand finishing, and quality inspections – our enclosures surpass the quality of most other suppliers – and we deliver on time.

We also take our wider responsibilities seriously, championing manufacturing apprenticeships, employing local people, operating lean manufacturing, and aiming to lower our carbon footprint.
Enclosures To Your Exact Specification

Every project we undertake is unique. Our expert engineering team design your enclosure to meet your exact specifications to house your electrical devices safely. With a wealth of knowledge gained over 30 years, we know what compliance and standards need to be met for your enclosure and it's application, from the required busbar ratings to the correct IP rating.

Led By Engineers

We understand the engineering expertise required for housing electrical switchgear – that’s why our service is led by the technical precision of our engineering team. The unrivalled skill and wealth of experience that our engineers possess is one of the reasons we're now a global business, providing our services to significant engineering projects across Europe.

Tested, Certified Enclosures

From infrastructure and renewable energy to data centres and power distribution, our customers rely on us to ensure protection, safety, and longevity of our enclosures that house essential electrical components. To achieve this, we invest heavily in both staff, technology and equipment. We take our processes and testing very seriously, working to an ISO, IEC, and British Standards.

A&T Enclosures /products/switchboard-enclosures /products/switchboard-enclosures
Switchboard Enclosures

With creative solutions for limited space environments, our switchboards can be manufactured to accommodate corners as corner units and overhead busbar sections.

A&T Enclosures /products/motor-control-centres /products/motor-control-centres
Motor Control Centres

Designed, engineered, and manufactured for a wide range of applications, our motor control centres are crafted with precision using only the highest quality materials.

A&T Enclosures /products/consoles-control-desks-workstations /products/consoles-control-desks-workstations
Consoles, Control Desks, & Workstations

Designed, engineered, and manufactured for a wide range of control room applications, our consoles, control desks, and workstations are crafted with precision using only the highest quality materials.

A&T Enclosures /products/19-inch-racking /products/19-inch-racking
19 Inch Racking

Vital power and communications networks around the globe have been brought to life with 19” racking equipment enclosures supplied by A & T Enclosures to IEC 60297-3-100.

A&T Enclosures /products/feeder-pillars-and-kiosks /products/feeder-pillars-and-kiosks
Feeder Pillars and Kiosks

Our wide range of external electrical enclosures are available in an array of materials, sizes, and finishes. Our Kiosk and Feeder Pillars offer unrivalled performance and are built to withstand the harshest of environments.

A&T Enclosures /products/busbars /products/busbars

Expertise from ongoing testing to BS EN 61439-2 allows our engineers to provide support to ensure your design will meet electrical consultants' specification. Our Design Verified busbar systems currently range from 400A to 5000A with Icw values from 30kA to 100kA.

A&T Enclosures /products/stainless-steel-enclosures /products/stainless-steel-enclosures
Stainless Steel Enclosures

Our Stainless Steel enclosures are made to your specific design requirements and assembled by dedicated fabricators using TIG or MIG welders, in clean areas to prevent cross contamination.

Choose A&T For Your Next Enclosure

Our engineers will use the latest design software tools to create a bespoke metal electrical enclosure solution that meets your exact technical requirements and in your time frame.

30 Years Experience

Established for 30 years, we have the experience and knowledge required in order to build your enclosure.

2D & 3D Design

Our expert engineers will design your enclosure using our own customised software.

All In House

All of our engineering, preparation, fabrication, and finishing are all carried out in house.

50,000 Sq Ft.

Our large premises enables us to handle any project of any size, with the ability to meet your volume demands.

Industry Standards

Continuous investment enables us to stay up to date with the latest BS EN 61439-2, IEC 60529, and IEC 60297 standards.

Quality Control

Conforming to ISO 9001:2015, and with a flawless 2018 review - we can guarantee your enclosure will be of the highest standard. Every time.

Using the latest design software to meet your exact requirements

We're Ready To Build Your Next Enclosure. Are You?

Using the latest software, we're able to render a 2D or 3D model of your enclosure to help you visualise the end product.

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