Solutions For a Broad Range of Industries

We work with major organisations around the world, representing a broad range of industries, including sectors which are integral to the utility, transport and communication infrastructure of the nation they serve.

Key Industries

Key industries include water and wastewater management, data centres, renewable energy and power generation, rail networks, marine/offshore and a wide variety of general power transmission and control applications for the public and private sector. We are required to perform efficiently in some of the world’s most extreme and demanding environments and build to a high specification to ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability and durability.


We have a proven track record in the development and production of cost effective, bespoke enclosure solutions for the water supply and processing industry. Our products can be tailored to meet individual specifications and can be designed to suit everything from plantroom environments to the most extreme outdoor locations.


The data industry requires a robust product and a high quality finish with an aesthetically pleasing design. This may be in the form of a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with a bespoke laser cut logo, a LV Switchboard verified to IEC 61439-2 that provides secure power with thermo-graphic imaging facilities, UPS cabinets or data racks.


Whether it is energy generated from renewable resources, fossil fuels or nuclear, we are able to offer bespoke solutions to meet your demands. We have enclosures installed in many different locations for power generation applications, including off-shore, nuclear, solar farms and hydro.


We have the expertise and technical capability to create bespoke solutions that enable rail operators to control and monitor electrical systems, facilitate regular maintenance and maintain high levels of security at all times. Our enclosures are used for a diverse range of applications, providing control systems for everything from station infrastructure and signalling to train power feed.


As a key supplier to OEM's, we are efficient at understanding your requirements and demands. Our highly skilled engineers are able to design bespoke enclosures that offer flexible, high quality solutions.


Our petrochemical enclosures are made to endure harsh environments; the rugged stainless steel construction and reliable performance our enclosures offer, together with our bespoke engineering solutions, we can reduce equipment size, weight, and power with improved cooling, corrosion resistance and hazardous location protection.


Our electrical enclosures offer levels of corrosion resistance designs fabricated from materials that can be easily sanitised and sterilised. Our bespoke designs and in-house manufacturing processes enable our staff to efficiently and economically fabricate an enclosure that meets your food and beverage enclosure requirements.


Continuous development due to a large demand for oil and gas means the offshore industry requires solutions that offer flexibility, operational reliability, personal safety, and cost efficiency. Our bespoke enclosures comprise of all the industry divisions from drilling rigs and ships, supply vessels, personnel boats, and refineries.

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