Electromagnetic Shielding Solutions

A&T Enclosures have seen an increasing demand for radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) on their enclosures. This is being driven by the reliability of the equipment housed within the enclosures, mainly in the defence, aerospace, and power generation sectors (nuclear). Security is the main driver, with some computers and telecommunications equipment being susceptible to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Having an electromagnetic compatible product means that the equipment will be able to function satisfactorily within its own environment without the introduction of intolerable electromagnetic disturbances.

How to Protect Against Unwanted EMR?

The enclosure is the first line of defence, it solves the problem of radiated emissions and susceptibility. Mating surfaces on an enclosure such as doors and gland plates can become radiating antennas. The adjoining seams need to be filled with a conductive gasket, this will take up all the joint unevenness and depending on the type of gasket will also provide an environmental seal against dust and moisture, to various IP Ratings and environmental demands.


Where cut-outs exist for viewing windows and climate control, care must be taken to preserve the shielding effect through the use of shielded windows, wire meshes, and honeycomb vents.


EMC Solutions

There are a wide range of solutions including Beryllium fingers, bake and peel tape, and knitted wire mesh over a sponge rubber. These are just a few of the available solutions depending on your requirements; enclosure material and finishes must also be taken into account all of which take a high level of engineering and application.

Our highly skilled personnel achieve this to the required standards, to ensure that your equipment is safe from RFI and EMR.


For your next enclosure, speak to one of our engineers about what solutions we can offer you. Get in touch today by email or by phone.

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