In House Paint & Finishing Facilities

Not only do we provide a complete design, engineering, and fabrication service for all of our products, we are also able to provide a complete in-house powder coating service, meaning we can handle the bespoke manufacture of your enclosure from start to finish.

With over 30 years of powder coating experience and having invested heavily in our equipment, we have the capacity to provide a high-standard, large-capacity paint service without the need to outsource.

Keeping this service in-house ensures our high standards are present in your finished product. With the ability of being able to power coat up to 200 microns, we can give your enclosures an extended life expectancy, able to withstand the toughest environments.

With colour matching and a full colour range available, we are able to finish your enclosure in all BS4800, BS381C, Munsell and RAL colour options.

Call us today on 01384 212316, or send our team an email to, for more information on working with A&T Enclosures on your next project.

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