Most Valuable Person Initiative

Introduced in July 2020, A&T Enclosures ‘Most Valuable Person’ award scheme has proven to be a very successful initiative. Wanting to give something back to all of our hard-working employees the initiative, proposed by the senior management team, allows all employees the opportunity to be recognised as both a monthly and an annual winner.

When recognised as a monthly winner, the recipient will receive a £50 Amazon voucher and a certificate. Winners are nominated by their respective departmental head and then a winner is chosen by the senior management team. We publish the monthly winners in our quarterly newsletter and on our social media in order to promote the individuals hard work and commitment.

The annual winner, nominated by our Managing Director, Chris Taylor, will receive a £200 voucher as well as having their name added to the commemorative plaque!

Since the scheme began, we have had ten winners across multiple departments. The prestigious annual award for 2020 was given to Ian Bate who has been with A&T Enclosures for over 25 years!

As an organisation we have established a reputation not only for quality but also for service. This is all thanks to our exceptional work force and so we thought it was only right that we reward the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the team.

All winners to date are recognised as going above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ and having made a significant impact on our business operations. We look forward to receiving more nominations in 2021.

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