Water Treatment Works (WTW) Project

A&T Enclosures has secured an extensive and ongoing order to manufacture high-specification enclosures as part of a well-known water treatment works (WTW) project.

The purpose of the WTW project is to increase the capacity of the works to 150Ml/d, to improve its ability to handle low water temperatures and to provide the facility to rapidly increase, and decrease, throughput to meet varying network demand. The scheme will also provide general improvements and upgrades to most elements of the works, including replacement of the main treated water pumping station which delivers water into the distribution network.

The enclosures will be manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and tested to Ingress Protection rating 65.

The A&T difference: Our experienced engineers have worked closely with our client to ensure that the enclosures are developed with a bespoke chimney design to remove excess heat.

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