Designed & Built In House

All of our engineering, preparation, fabrication, and finishing are all carried out in house, meaning we're able to keep costs low.

Crafting Bespoke Enclosures For 30 Years

From initial concept design, prototyping, through to the final product, your enclosure is handled solely by A&T. Without the need to outsource, we're able to cut costs and speed up manufacturing times all while maintaining our high standards that we're known for. Whether you already have technical drawings for our engineers to work off, or you require the complete A&T service, we can guarantee peace of mind knowing your enclosure is being design and built by the best. Having been established for 30 years, we have the necessary experience that is required to build a bespoke enclosure that are able to perform to very high levels as well as be safe for use.

Our highly talented engineering team, most of whom have been with us since our inception, are able to generate intricate 3D drawings from something as simple as a 2D sketch on a napkin. Our engineers together with our skilled cold welders and our state of the art powder coating plant are what separate us from the rest; we have the best team, working with the best tools and equipment, to produce high quality electrical enclosures that not only perform, they also conform to the latest industry standards.

Your Bespoke Enclosure Starts Here

Led by engineers, our sales team can discuss, at length, the requirements of your project; from your enclosures' proposed use to the more technical BS EN 61439-2 requirements. From your initial enquiry, we aim to have your quote generated and delivered to your inbox within 48 hours, often being sent the same day.

Design & Engineering

Using the latest in-house 3D design software, our skilled engineers will create technical drawings and 3D renders with immaculate precision. All bespoke punching and cutouts are included in the drawings making for a smoother fabrication process, saving both time and money.

Punching & Folding

The confirmed technical drawings are used along with state of the art CNC machines to cut and punch your enclosure's raw materials. These basic 2D shapes are then folded into 3D structures using Press Brakes until they form the basis of your enclosure.

Welding & Riveting

The folded components are then welded together by our skilled welders, or when required, riveted to create a solid enclosure; with an engineer carrying out pre-paint checks to their issued drawings.


Once the final enclosure has been created through the fabrication process, we pre-treat using our specialist paint plant and nanotechnology. Powder paint is applied to your requirements, creating a durable, even finish.


Grouped together, all your enclosure parts are sent for assembly where options such as backplates, doors, gaskets, locks, and hinges are fitted. On the more technical enclosures with copper work, they are installed together with free issued circuit breakers and/ or switches.


After a final quality control check, your enclosure is packaged and loaded onto our delivery vehicles ready for distribution. By controlling the delivery process too, we're able to ensure the high standards of A&T are adhered to from start to finish.

After Sales

Your dedicated project manager will be on hand for technical queries post delivery. We are able to offer BS EN 61439-2 Design Verification documents for your records.

30 Years Experience

Established for 30 years, we have the experience and knowledge required in order to build your enclosure.

2D & 3D Design

Our expert engineers will design your enclosure using our own customised software.

All In House

All of our engineering, preparation, fabrication, and finishing are all carried out in house.

50,000 Sq Ft.

Our large premises enables us to handle any project of any size, with the ability to meet your volume demands.

Industry Standards

Continuous investment enables us to stay up to date with the latest BS EN 61439-2, IEC 60529, and IEC 60297 standards.

Quality Control

Conforming to ISO 9001:2015, and with a flawless 2018 review - we can guarantee your enclosure will be of the highest standard. Every time.

A&T Design Process

Your custom enclosure will be expertly designed by engineers with state-of-the art technology and years of experience within the electrical, sheet metal and manufacturing field.

Whether you are looking to match an enclosure to an existing product, have basic sketches or more technical drawings – our team will ensure that your enclosure accurately houses your electrical components and is built for longevity.

Our sheet steel fabrications are manufactured using a mix of modern machinery and more traditional skills by hand, are tested to the highest standards including British Standards and given International Protection ratings.

Your electrical enclosure is fitted with copper busbars for power distribution and can be modular, wall mounted, floor standing for inside or outside.

We're Ready To Build Your Next Enclosure. Are You?

Using the latest software, we're able to render a 2D or 3D model of your enclosure to help you visualise the end product.

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